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Ah, girl will always need a treatment for her self. Which is, its an important thing to do. Even you are not going to do it everyday but at least you'll need it once a month or maybe one on two month. Well, when you feel so confused about which place you have to choose? Because there are so many place like that, especially in a big city like where i live, Yogyakarta.

So, you don't have to feel that way! Because you can choose Wardah Beauty House. Ah, it's not only a place where you can buy Wardah's cosmetics but they also have a special services, like store, face treatment, body treatment, make up hijab and hair do. Yes yes yes, let's go there! You can go to Wardah Beauty House Jogja, at Jalan Sudirman No. 40 Yogyakarta. And it's the first Beauty House in Indonesia, since April 2014.

Not only there, Wardah Beauty House also located at Jogja City Mall ( beside coco-island ) that provide the same service like Wardah Beauty House Sudirman. Both of them have a multifuntion room that can be used for any event like beauty class, yoga class, gathering and etc.
If you curious how many cost you have to spend if you want to get a treatment there. It's very affordable, for treatment start from Rp. 35.000,00 - Rp. 115.000,00 and if you wanna buy Wardah's cosmectics, it start from Rp. 65.000,00 - Rp. 150.000,00

Like today, Wardah Beauty House invite me and my blogger's friends to join their event, Blogger Gathering and Yoga Class. Ah, thank you Wardah Beauty House, i can get a new friend here hahaha. Here's my blogger's friend. Go go check out their blog! :D

From Left to the right : 
Me , Amy , Echa , Afni , Monic , Isma , Amel, Lia 

Thank you so much Wardah Beauty House, for the treatment and gathering. Don't forget to check out their Instagram @WardahBeautyJogja to get the newest information.

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  1. What a cool experience, I love your photos!

  2. It looks so fun! Your mono outfit is gorgeous too, beb!

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  3. hai, mau tanya, varian facial nya apa saja ya? harga berapa? dan ada peeling juga kah?

    Mohon balasannya, terimakasih :)