2:33 PM

" I thank God every dayThat I woke up feelin' this way And I can't help lovin' myself And I don't need nobody else, nuh uh If I was you, I'd wanna be me too " - Me Too, Megan Trainor 

And yes thank you God for everything that you given me. Thanks for your kindness to this bad girl. I know i have to be good and always try to be, but it never enough if i just say thank you to You. Once again thanks again, God. 

Hello you! Today i got a good news about my new job. No, not because i leave my first job, it's just because i've got e new one and then will do my double job! Yeaay. Thank you so much, God. Maybe i'll get more busy than before because i have to take care everything, but it's all about my passion and i love doing it. This will be a good start for this month. Let's be happy and always smile! :D  

Oh, btw this photo taken a few weeks ago when i went to my parent's place, East Kalimantan with my boy hahaha. I was going to Ladang Budaya and Pulau Kumala at Tenggarong. Will review about this place soon at my blog #TRTMHoliday Part 1 :D

Oh, anyway even i'm on holiday, i'll never forget to take care of my self. Beauty Journal on Sociolla really helping me while i was on holiday. Because i can't always online on Computer or buy a magazine, so i always have time to read Sociolla on my smartphone. I can always get an up to date information about beauty things. Well, thank you Sociolla. Don't forget to check out their website wherever you are. Just clik www.sociolla.com and done! don't forget to shop! hahaha :D

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