10:35 PM

So, after all my tired activity. It's time to go shopping and clean my wallet LOL. And yesterday i've got an invitation to go to URBAN MUSLIM FESTIVAL at Jogja Expo Center. Thank you so much! In here you're not only get anything about fashion, accesories, but everything that really cute. After you feel tired because of spending your money hahah, don't forget to come to Food Corner. There are a lot of food and drink that really cute and yummy! 

For you who wanna have a pretty shopping time before Ramadhan, you can go to URBAN MUSLIM FESTIVAL at Jogja Expo Center, from 2 until 5 June 2016. Don't forget that tomorrow there is a special perfomance from GIGI Band. Aww!! For you who still confused about where you should go on your saturday night, let's come here! :D 

Check out there Instagram @UrbanMuslimFest to get more information! :D 

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