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Hellooow, so today i'm going to review about the product that i get from . Thank you so much Sociolla, i really like to unboxing Sociolla pink box!! What product that i'm going to review? It's Vitacreme B12. What is that? I've got 2 product, and there are Day cream sun protection and lightening beauty cream.


Vitacreme B12 Day Sun Cream SPF 30 + + + is an anti - aging cream , anti - oxidant , moisturizing and ultra - waterproof . This innovative cream formulated with the ideal combination of vitamins ( B5 , C , E and B12 ) and UVA - UVB solar filter . This unique combination of active ingredients keep the skin to stay moist and protected from the harmful effects of the sun .

And the other one, Lightening Beauty Cream is a lightens skin or lip colour. Lightens pigmentation marks and prevents their development. Even out skin complexion and gives the skin a new luminosity. Dont worry because it's 100% safe and mild, for all skin types and all ages. FYI, this product made in Switzerland.

And what amazing about this product? Well, i'll review it about this product again when i have used it for the next 2 weeks and 1 month. Wait for another review post, darling! :3

So, how can you get this amazing product? Just click and you can bought this product for only Rp.269.900 ( for each product )

Can i get a discount? yes yes of course honey!! Don't forget to use code ADEKURNIA50 when checkout, you'll get Rp. 50.000 OFF for minimum purchase of Rp.200.000 or you can just click this LINK to get the discount!


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  1. I think it'd be great for the skin!

  2. nice post..


  3. Never heard about these products!

  4. Nice blog dear!

  5. nice review !! aku juuga pakeekk hehe and i love the sun cream