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Oh, happy birthday girl! 

Yes, September 11th is my birthday, and thank you so much God. I've a beautiful present at my birthday. Be with my boy at Bandung and have a wonderful holiday. So, because i was so happy a few days ago, i don't even have a time to post a lot of pictures at my social media. You know, people said if you really enjoyed your life you'll not have a time to share it to your social media. And that's what i really feel at that time. Thank you so much God.

Now, i'm officially 23 years old. I have reached my dreams, i have a good job as contet writer and graduated on time hahaha, have the best boyfriend ever, have a healthy family and i'm so happy about that. Oh, of course i have another dream that i wish will come true soon. Just wait and see, i'll make it true. Amin. 

So, when i was in Bandung, i have a short trip to Farmhouse, Lembang. There are a lot people, omg! i can't even take a very good picture because of it. Went there with my boyfriend, his sister, and my two college friends who lived at Bandung.

Oh, now i will tell you about Farmhouse, you should come to this place when you visited Bandung. This place became the most trending tourist destination at the end of the 2015. This place is also became the one you make the traffic crowded. Uh! If you come with car, don't ever wish to arrived that fast. But, thanks God, i went there with motorcycle, so i can ngebut ngebut nyelip nyelip hahaha.

This place come with concept of European-style that being the most favorite tourist magnet in northern Bandung. Hobbit House is the one that became viral at  social media and be the reason why people wanna come. Farmhouse is located at Jalan Raya Lembang no. 108. It is exactly the right way to Lembang. If you were from Jalan Setiabudhi (Ledeng) / Campus UPI, just continued towards Jalan Raya Lembang.

 So, wanna come ? :D 

What i wear? Top: Matahari Dept Store | Slip Dress: Jolie | Pants: Waikiki | Shoes: Diadora | Bag: J.Rep 

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  1. Wow, it's so cool that in your 23, you're happy with your life. Mostly people in their early 20s still try to find themself.

  2. That sheep, tho! Been wanting to visit Lembang since ages...but maybe next time. Happy belated bday, girl!

  3. Oh that place is really pretty darling!
    Wonderful bunnies~ My best wishes to you

  4. happy late birthday ^^
    wow, its nice to see that you're happy with life! i hope i can feel as great as you are!
    also great pictures! the trip pictures look amazing :)

  5. Slip dressnya lucu banget, sukaaa!