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Holaaaa... it's about beauty again! Hahaha So today i'm going to write a short review about Maybelline Lipstick that i get from Lazada, a few weeks ago. Because i really love their product so i decide to write a review one by one, let's start with their lipstick. Oh, if you haven't read my lastest post about Maybelline Wing It All Kit, don't forget to read it first here
So, what i use here are 3 different lisptick. First, Rosy Matte Rosy Peach, Vivid Matte Lisptick Scarlet Red,and Vivid Matte Liquid Mat 12. 

I love this color, it's really soft. But, i don't really like it because it's too soft on my lips. Yes, i have a small lips and if i wear a soft color it will make my lips more small hahaha 

Say yes to this one! I really love this lipstick! One of my favorite color! I really love wearing red, it will make your lips looks bigger than it was hahaha. That's why i used red lipstick more often than the other color. Idk, red will always looks good on me (just my thought hehehe) 

So, the last one is this matte liquid. I don't really like the color, but i do love this kind of liquid. Because it can stick well to my lips and not sticky. I ever brought a liquid lipstick (let's not mention the brand) and it was very sticky. I Hate it :( 

Which one is my favorite??? Of course the red one hahaha i love Vivid Matte Lisptick Scarlet Red so much!!! As you can see, that lipstick is about to run out hahaha. Thank you so much Maybelline for giving me this cute package <3 p="">

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  1. Sukaaaaa banget warna lipstik merahnya <3<3

  2. in my opinion, matte liquid looks good on you, tapi balik ke selera lagi lah yah, hahaha

  3. yang merah itu scarlet red ya kak, warnanya bagus banget cocok lagi sama kak denia :D