5:55 PM

It's about my short trip to Bandung again... yippiee horray!!! Big thanks to my kind-boyfriend-ever and his family to let me sleep at their house. Of course i slept with his sister not him hahaha. The 2nd day, i just went out with my boyfriend, just two of us. We went to Alun-Alun Bandung-oh, there are a lot people there, so hard to get a good photo. Walk around until Braga, and Jl.Merdeka, i think it's like 0 KM at Yogyakarta. Where there are a lot poeple go there, take a picture at an old building. And then, we went to Balai Kota because i really wanna see the Labirin (but, it's just a circle huh) 

After that, we went to BIP and BEC (i'm not wrong, right?) went around Bandung, go to shopping-this is my favorite part- and have fun together. So tired! But i was happy!! :D Thank you so much, love! 

The 3rd day i just stay at home, because it's an Eid Mubarak and i have to go back to Yogyakarta at the afternoon. I almost lost my train because of traffic jam. Gosh! But yeaay! we arrived on time, and go back to real life. Hellow real life! So sad...but life must go on, we will have another trip together one day. Hopefully it's not to long. We both had worked, so it really hard to get a day off. 

*Balai Kota Bandung* 

 *Braga, Bandung* 

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  1. Nia ini fotonya cakep2 *gagal fokus* hihi

  2. Aku orang Bandung tapi baru tau kalo labirin ternyata ada di balai kotaaaa hahaha *merasa gagal jadi orang Bandung*