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I was so happy, because i've got an invitation from Flashy Shop to their opening store at Yogyakarta. Thank you so much, Flashy. It was really fun and i love all their product. Oh, i get some free cute stuff from their collection, will be post about it soon on the blog! Just for sneak peek, i've got 3 clothes and 1 cute bag! Hahahaha really love their product, especially the bags. Really love it and match with my style. 

So, yesterday i also met my two blogger's friend, Lia and Amel. We've got an invitation from Flashy. Even it's raining outside but we are still feel so excited to come to their new store with a lot new collection of course. 

Let's talk about Flashy. Flashy it's not only sell their collection at online but also have a lot of store in many place. It's start in 1998 till now. Flashy is and independent clothing that focus selling female products with a high and good quality. They sell bags, wallet, handphone case, belt, jackets, blazer, coat, t-shirts,
shirts, hair band, make-up case to another smaller case such for ID card and car license. If you curious about their cool product, visit their online store at 

And if you live in Yogyakarta, don't forget to visit their store at Jl. Komplek Colombo no. 45 Yogyakarta 

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  1. I love Flashy. They have such a really good quality and cute outfits as well! :)

    Love, Eiren.

  2. What a beautiful shop. Looks like you had fun.

  3. Kalau liat baju berjejer kaya gitu, langsung jadi penegn berangkat shoping,,

  4. Niaaaa, aku clingak clinguk nyari Flashy, ini di pinggir jalan colombo yg banyak distro"nya juga itu atau ndak ya?

    1. Hai mbaa... gang sblm movie box itu belok kiri. Nanti tokonya kiri jalan depan il mondo :D