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Comb is one of beauty things that just a few people relally care about it. am i right? So many girls who underestimate this hairdresser's. Buy a cheap comb, which is important to make hair neat. But in fact it's not like that

Sometimes, people buy any comb. In fact, it can actually make a damage hair or make a pain because it didn't have a soft materials.Hmm ... if you continue doing this, not only make your scalp's pain but also it will ruin the crown of your head.

The comb was also made with a lot of functions in each item. So, any hair condition is also need a different comb. Well, one comb like I made a review here is a comb which is still one family (hehehe) with tooth comp. The difference is that this comb has a great grip, so useful. The function is to be used on dry hair or still half wet to straighten your hair. Wide toothed comb is often used to straighten curly and wavy hair without changing hairdos.

Well ... comb I wear this time is a comb from KENT. Already know about Kent Brushes?? Kents Brushes was founded in 1777 by William Kent. So much older than us hehehe. Kent Brushes also already distribute their products to more than 50 countries, including Indonesia. With more than 250 comb selection that you can choose as needed. Kents Brushes creates a comb with the highest quality who understand each hair needs.

Evidently, after I tried, Kent Brushes can make my hair straight tidy with a comb. The material is also so good, not make a sore scalp or hair loss.

How about it? Interested and really want to buy? You can get this comb in with only IDR 80K , or just click the link! 

For you who wanna shop at, don't forget to use voucher code SBNLAGMT beforecheck out to get 50.000 OFF with minimum shopping 250.000
Happy shopping, girls!

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  1. nice review, Nia
    I only have one brush . . . LOL
    maybe I need another one

    The Sweetest Escape

  2. Kak, entah kenapa baca tulisanmu kok jadi pengen beli sisir beberapa. Kamu menghipnotisku :|

  3. Sounds great! I always use so much bigger ones for my hair. I really can't use little ones!

  4. Your hair is perfection <3

  5. Combs are essential for me to create volume in my hair. I don't usually comb it with a comb, more a brush but I should mix it up


  6. Nice write up! Saatnya beli sisir baru~

  7. nice review kak :)
    selama ini aku pakai sisir kayu biar nggak bikin rambut makin rusak. emang sisir itu penting banget deh makanya aku juga jarang beli sisir asal asalan hehe