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First, I wanna say thank to Mba Firda for inviting me to the Grand Seriti Madani. Although the main event begins at 7 pm, but I, Mba Ajeng and Mba Aggy came from 3pm to attend can an exclusive meeting with the General Manager of the Grand Seriti Madani. We talked about many things, about the hotel down to things that are not important, such as the Crazy Chicken example. Hahaha. Could be a very exciting to be one of blogger who was invited and felt the first four-star hotel Syariah concept of Kagum Hotel in Yogyakarta. It really nice hotel, the style a little bit remind me of the arabian, perhaps because many Arabic writings and also some of the decorations that looked like it. We were also invited to tour the rooms in Grand Seriti Madani.

What make this hotel different with the other is each room give you personal Sajadah, mukena and also a special rosary for visitors. When its time to Salat, you would hear Adzan along the hotel corridor. You can also order to be woken for Tahajud in Tahajud Call program. Grand Seriti Madani also has a very good Mushola (in my opinion) the best from all Mushola from the other Hotel (from all that ever I go of course). Syariah concept is very suitable for you who not only Muslims but also non-Muslims who want to stay with family. 

Thank you again for mba Firda which already gives me free voucher to stay at the Grand Seriti Madani. If you're still wondering how cool this hotel, I will explain it more in the next post where I will share a personal experience when i stay at the Grand Seriti Madani.

Wanna go to Jogja but didn't have any idea where to stay? Grand Seriti Madani going to be a perfect place for you. Grand Seriti Madani is located at Jl. KM 4 145 Magelang, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Just within 2.5 KM from Jogja City Mall and 10 minutes to Maliobro. Enjoying your vacation at the Grand Seriti Madani, with a starting price of 500,000 nett / night. For more info, you can visit 

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  1. Asyik banget sih Nia, pengen ikutan nginep *lhoooo*

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  3. Thank you so much my dear :*
    you are most welcomed in Kagum's City

  4. mbak niaaaaaa <3 fotonya bagus bagussss, gak sia sia mundur-mundur cantik biar dapet foto yang bagus hehehe
    btw cara follow blogmu piyeeeee? *gaptek mode on*