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So, actually, this event has passed a week. Because of my so-busy schedule at office, i couldnt write anything.  I'm sorry, but its not too late, right? Hehehe. Well, the name of the event this time is Arisan Lipstick. eh, did you know about arisan lipstik? ( it's like a social Gathering, Indonesia called it Arisan ) 

Just like an usual social gathering that you know, the difference what you get is lipstick. Yaps! Maybe if the gathering call Arisan Bedak (powder) , that what will you get.  Hehehehe. If the gathering you have to wait for your turn to get the prize "when will i get the prize?", but this time you will wondering "what shade will i get? " 

So, this time was held by Emina Cosmetics. At once in order to introduce their newest products, creammatte Emina, Emina finally held a social gathering with the lipstick in Jogja with an awesome Jogja blogger. Because there are seven shade Creammatte Emina, so this event followed the same 7 blogger's Jogja. They are Amel, Aggy, AjengErny, Fira, Tira and of course myself hahaha. From the beginning we always excited about what kind of shade will we get. hahahaha

Shade Creammatte Emina: 
01. Chocolava
02. Fuzzy wuzzy
03. Mauvelous
04. Frostbite
05. Flamingo
06. Jellybean
07. Tumbleweed

While waiting for the time to shake it shake it of hahaha  we eat yummy food that has been served at Uncle's Kitchen. Oh yes, that cute decoration that you can see is also available from Uncle's Kitchen! So, if you wanna make any event but too lazy too make your own decoration, you can go to Uncle's Kitchen. Psst... you can make a request of the decoration that you want. Cool, right?

Let's return to the gathering hehehe. After eating a meal, finally the most awaited time is comiiiinggg!!! shake it the paper, shake and shake hahaha.  Finally we get each shade. and me? I get Shade 07, Tumbleweed. Wooww !! Ha ha ha. First, i'm not too happy because the color is too light, but it turned out after applied, the color of the shade 7 is so cute on me. Not too bright as the first application. We all just try each creammate! Hahahah. So, after trying creammate of Emina, this is my honest review.

What I like about creammate Emina! Its the most important that this creammate is long lasting hahaha after i use, it's also not sticky and not make a lip sticks and cant be removed like some creammatte I've ever tried. Tumbleweed creammatte color is actually going to be different from one lip to the other lip. The more red your lips, the color of it will going much brighter.

Which I dont like, this Emina Creammatte make my lips dry and a little difficult to clean. If this creammatte exposed to water, the original form was immediately turned hahaha. This Creammatte directly be a bit sticky on the lips, well ... although if your lips dries this creammate will also not going to sticky anymore. But, it is a little disturbing. 
from right to left : 
01. Chocolava | 02. Fuzzy wuzzy | 03. Mauvelous | 04. Frostbite | 05. Flamingo | 06. Jellybean | 07. Tumbleweed

So far, I like the color shade, Tumbleweed. Because I prefer bright colors, rather than nude or dark like Chocolava. Well, if you have a small and thin lips like me, it is better to apply a bit creammate. Because if you use it too much, your lips will looks so full and the color will be too light. . 

what i wear? Top: tutuloph | Skirt: unbranded | Necklace: Wol Pompom | bag: Little Fingers | Shoes: Payless 

Oh, if you are interested for buying Emina Creammatte, the price is also quite affordable, its about Rp.40.000. Moreover, if you buy when there is promo and you can get a discount, Hehehe. So, its so dun right? Not only get a lipstick, but also can meet another blogger and talk about exciting things. Thank you very much Emina: *

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  1. ihhhh seru bangeeettt arisannyaaa <3
    cantik euy kamuuu! :*


  2. sounds like a great event!
    lucu banget Uncle Kitchen bisa dekorin buat event! very cool
    Tumbleweed looks pretty on your skin tone ;)

    The Sweetest Escape

  3. mba thank you for having me in the event! you are indeed an amazing host for the gathering!

  4. So, what is the next Arisan? Haha. Thanks for having me Nia! :D

  5. The event looks so fun! All the colour shades looks great :)
    Thank you for sharing!