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Haloooo Girls, like i said before, like i promise you.I will make a review about NYX Beauty Product that i get from Centro Beauty Bash e few weeks ago.Before i get started, i wanna say sorry for a very late reply because i have to face a hard condition in this few weeks. Busy with my graduation, a lot work to do at my office, and a lot of orders for pompom. It make me hard to write or even take a good pictures for make a review. But finally, i did it! Hahaha. Now, let's get started!

I get 4 beauty product from NYX. It's Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick no.12 ,Soft Matte Lip Cream no.10 , Mosaic Powder Blush no.08 , and Eyebrow Cake Powder no.02. Oh and for allbeauty product, i also get a cute pouch from NYX.

Let's read a short review about the product one by one!

1. Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

Oh, i have to say this. Finally i found a perfect nude colour for my lips. Thanks NYX! Hahahaha. Yes, it's really hard for me who have this kind of skin and small lips to get the perfect nude colour, but NYX got me! I fall in love with the colour, its fit me well, very well. But actually, i don't really like the texture. It's good but a little bit sticky at the first application. I hate it, really. But, after a few minute it back to normal. It's long lasting, i have tried it all day long, but the colour still looks good even after i eat too much. Transproof, and kissproof (maybe wkwkwk). So far, this is my favorite nude lipstick. and i do love the packaging.

2. Soft Matte Lip Cream

Can't stop saying Thank you to NYX. But this is the most favorite cream matte lipstick all the time. Hahaha. i have it before, cream matte lipstick no.05 , the colour is more soft like soft pink. But now i get the most favorite colour, RED !!!! *yeaaaay* *Horaaaay* No no no, it's perfect! I won't say anything because it's too perfect for me. Not sticky, transproof, kissproof, long lasting and make me look sexier. Hahaha. 9.9 from 10 to this lipstick! Hahahaha

3. Mosaic Powder Blush

Yes, it's actually a highlighter. But, it's up to you. You are free to use a beauty product for anything you wanna use! and i'd love to use it for blush on and eye shadow.Hahaha , because the color is so perfect for it. Look at my cheeck and eyelid, that's so cute, right? I love this product, especially the colour! So soft, natural and easy to use.

4. Eyebrow Cake Powder

Please.... forgive me. Because i can't make a perfect eyebrow like a professional make up artist. Cause as you can see, i was born with a thick eyebrow, so i didn't make an eyebrow everyday like the other girls do it. To be honest, i start make an eyebrow is just s few month ago, because i think i need to learn it and i still learn to make it. so, i'm sorry if it's not perfect. But, i do really love the eyebrow cake powder from NYX. Because the eyebrow pencil it's no longer become a trend, eyebrow cake powder now became a queen for a girls. This is wil make your eyebrow looks more natural. This eyebrow cake powder is perfect for you because it have a wax that will make neater eyebrow before you apply it. Tips from me is choose a colour that is match with your hair colour.

And this is my overall look from all beauty products from NYX.

So, that's just a short review about the product! Should i make a long review about it one by one or make a short vlogger for this product? I need your suggestion, girls! Please comment down below for helping me! Thank you so much for reading my blog :D

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  1. Nia! Cepet euy nulisnya hihi aku belum terjamah jadi tulisan. Aku juga suka banget sama nude-nya NYX Lingerie Exotic ini. Kaya, finally nemu nude yang nggak bikin pucet. Walaupun yess, kurang suka sama teksturnya hehe. Tapi selama nggak kaya LA Girl mah it's oke

  2. Mupeng sama NYX Lingerie ini deh tapi masih mikir mikir buat beli :(

  3. looks like a great package
    and you look so pretty in red!

    The Sweetest Escape

  4. Blushnya keceee warnanya, tahan lama nggak yaa Nia?

  5. what an eye-catching lip-shaped pouch! and yes that nude color looks so perfect on you dear :)

  6. nyx lingerie nya cocok bgt <3 aku selalu pengen pake warna nude tp pasti ujung"nya jadi keliatan kayak org sakit :"

    Violet Brush

  7. Biarpun kering, tapi krna warnanya "unik", tetep beli NYX LIngerie juga ampe 2 XD-saking penasaran. ahaha