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" I won't lie to you I know he's just not right for you And you can tell me if I'm off But I see it on your face When you say that he's the one that you want And you're spending all your time In this wrong situation And anytime you want it to stop I know I can treat you better than he can And any girl like you deserves a gentleman Tell me why are we wasting time On all your wasted crying When you should be with me instead I know I can treat you better Better than he can " 
Treat You Better - Shwan Mendes

Just like i used to be, i used to share you my favorite song. So, this is my favorite song right know, not because i love Shwan Mendes, it just like this song is so gentlemen for me. He sing it like he wanna stole his girl from the other fckn boy. hahaha, the lyrics is so perfect, i think. The way he sing it, like he's actually angry with the man and love listening to this song, again and again. Don't you agree with me? :D 

Well, it's been a really long time since i post a real fashion hahaha sorry for always giving you a beauty post. I do love fashion, as you can see, but i love beauty things too, like the other girls. Promise you i will give more post about fashion (like used to) Hahahah. see you at the other post! :* 

What i wear? Top: Unbranded | Skirt : Vintage | Shoes: Amazara 
Place : Kota Lama & Cimori , Semarang 

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  1. Such a lovely outfit, you look so pretty as always :)

  2. Love your causal look. So cute! I have a similar jeans skirt like yours.

  3. I love that song too, almost stuck in my head >.< Luv the Outfit!

  4. Amazing outfit, great combo as well, all perfectly match, looks very comfy too. Thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!


  5. You're so pretty! I love all your outfit!
    Great blog! I'm following you! Follow back?*

  6. Post lebih banyak fashion dongg. You look pretty btw.hehe
    salam kenal ya denia.

    Putri |

  7. Oh very cute coordinate darling
    Thanks for share with us your feelings

  8. tetep, namanya mba ade mah udah badai mau ngapain aja ><

  9. Kak Denia orang Semarang kah? You look sooo gorgeous :3

  10. Aku dulu sering ke kota lama Semarang dan emang banyak spot-spot bangus buat foto-foto yaaa