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Before i start to tell my yesterday's story, i wanna ask you. Do you know about Amazara? If you haven't heard it, Amazara is a shoes brand from Yogyakarta. Born about 2 years ago, the owner is Uma Hapsari. Is a cute and affordable shoes for woman. They sell a lot of cute shoes for your lovely feet. Well, you can check out their collection here: (you can also place an order there) 

*by the way, this is my favorite shoes, can i take it home? :P*

So, yesterday kak Uma (the Owner) invited me and the other bloggers to their Open House to celebrate Amazara's new office at Yogyakarta. Thank you very much kak Uma for inviting me. Well, the event is start from 8 am till night. I was so happy, oh we were so happy because their new office is very cute and so photo-able hahaha. We took so many photo there. Thanks again to kak Uma who is very nice and let us having fun together. There are a lot of sharing season that everyone can join. There are a lot of people coming, like their family, their costumer, partner, partner-to-be, and etc. 

Oh, if you wanna see their collection, you can also check out their Instagram account ! Amazara has a lot shoes collection and i guess you'll love it. Just because they sell with a very affordable price, doesn't mean they don't pay attention on their quality. Because they also has a good quality. I have so many Amazara's shoes by the way hahaha. If you follow me on Instagram you will know how many times i post my OOTD with Amazara :P 

Me, Amel, Kak Uma (Amazara's Owner), Aubrey and Lia 

Oh, i will make a review post about Amazara's shoes on the next blog post! See you! :D 

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