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Not everyone like wearing what you wear, or like what you look like. But, for me, who cares? as long as you love wearing it and enjoying it, why not? 

Honestly, i’m not that kind of person who love buying a fashion item at Mall, or Department store, or buy a clothes just by their brand and wanna look so fancy wearing it. Nope, i’m not kind of a girls who always wanna have a branded stuff. I don’t say having and wearing it is wrong idea, i’m just saying that i’m not that kind of person. So, if you love it, just do it. Because everyone has their own way to love their life, right? 

I’m a girl who love buying a clothes at a thrift store, wearing a vintage stuff from mom or grandma, get an affordable clothes, loving when i found a cute jacket just for Rp.15.000 , yeah! i love cheap stuff. Because i can buy so many clothes with just Rp.200.000 from my wallet. If you buy a branded stuff, you can only get 1 or maybe just a half, LOL. 

That’s not mean i never buy a branded stuff, i do love it, but i’ll do it just if i really really want it and i can’t find in a thrift store. Such as for a shoes and bag. You know….. it’s really hard to find a cute shoes in a thrift store ( i mean here in my hometown ) 

So, if you are that kind of girl, just like me. Here are some advice i wanna give you when you buy a clothes from a thrift store. 

1. Decide what you wanna buy 
It’s really hard to find it when you don’t know what’s your priority. First, decide what you wanna buy, clothes, jacket, pants, or something else. And then, go to the that section. 

2. Look for color and pattern
If you ever buy a clothes from a thrift store, you will know what i mean, because there are a lot of stuff and you’ll get tired to look one by one. So, open your eyes and look what color you wanna search, and what pattern you like. When you get one, just take it and move to the next advice. 

3. See the detail 
You never know what kind of defect you’ll see. So, see the detail carefully. Maybe you’ll find a small hole, or stain, or something else. If you found something that can’t be fixed, leave it. But, if you think you can fix it, just take it. 

4. Double Check 
I bet you will take everything that you found so interesting, so before you pay for it, check it again. Is there any defect you missed? Or is that a right stuff you buy? Or maybe will you wear it if you buy it? After the final checking, it’s time for you to pay for it. Remember to pay it, okay? :P 

It's easy, right? Don't worry and don't be shy if you wearing something from thrift store. Because there's nothing wrong about it, you're not a thief, by the way :) 

what I wear? 
Top: Thrift store ( Rp 20.000 )
Button Skirt: Thrift Store ( Rp. 40.000 ) 
Scraft: Bella Store ( Rp. 7.000 ) 
Pompom Beanie: Wol.pompom (made by myself) 
Shoes: Amazara 

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  1. wheyyyyyy pompom hatnya lucuukkk!!!! <3
    cantik banget woeeiiiiii <3

  2. Cute hat :3

  3. Cool and very stylish look!
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  4. such a great post! people who don't rely on branded stuffs in order to achieve that "fashionable" title are the ones that are truly special and original.

  5. I super agree with your opinion! Buat next post, recommend thrift shop di jakarta dong kak, hehe ^^
    visit mine

  6. Love so much this look!! Your style is amazing!! <3

  7. Lovely casual outfit! Oh, and the beanie too!


  8. I love shopping at thrift stores and op-shops, they have such good finds sometimes! And super unique!

    x Rubi

    Pose & Repeat