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Do you love shopping online, girls? Ehm.. i mean its not only a girls, but also for any a man like you who read this blog, yeah you. Well, do you like it so much? If yes, i know you already know Lazada, right? Yap! it’s one of my favorite! 

Talk about Lazada, i really wanna share you about their 5th Birthday Surprise. Yeaaah! It’s a Box of Joy! I feel so happy and thankful when i got an email from Lazada that i get their special package. Yaps, it’s a box full of happiness…. because i get so many product, not only fashion but beauty product. 

What inside? I got a t-shirt from Hush Puppies, t-shirt from Cavil, Bag and wallet from Alibi, and BB Cushion from LANEIGE (It’s my wishlist, thanks God and Lazada). Oh! not forget to mention that i also get a Lazada’s t-shirt and totebag! THANK YOU SO MUCH LAZADA

 Wallet from Alibi

 LANEIGE's BB Cushion 

T-shirt from Cavil
Bag from Alibi 

Look! How happy i am wearing my favorite brand Hush Puppies, match with my new Culot from HAVA and mix it with Alibi’s bag and shoes from Payless. I feel so happy to hang out with my boyfriend today! This is a casual yet formal look (i think) you can wear it for a semi-formal event, or just hangout with your boy or friends, or get a birthday invitation. 

Not forget (again) to tell you so proudly that Lazada always have a best brand that have the best quality. Like what you can see the details photo about all product that i get, and i know you already know the brand, am i right? They have a lot of best product! That's why i was so happy when i get it! :D 

Yuhuuuu…. the good news for you is you can also get this Box of Joy, you can shop any item from Lazada, or you can just click the link HERE

Yap… don’t forget to shop anything that you like, girls and also guys! 

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  1. Wow clucthnya ada nama Denianya ya? Cakep!

  2. Whoa, so much stuff right there! :O
    Tbh I'm not that kind of person who loves online shopping because the expectation could be a little bit overrated sometimes. Haha..

    All the love, Eiren. xx