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What i wear? Dress: Odette Collections | Top: Unbranded | Bag: Avenue | Shoes: Amazara | Ring: Wolpompom 

me and Rhia from

i have to write it quickly before i start to feel so lazy again hahaha. This is a yesterday’s event when i’ve got an invitation from Gaudi and Hava to their Opening Celebration at Malioboro Mall Yogyakarta. Thank you so much Gaudi and Hava and also Clozette for inviting me. 

Gaudi's fashion designer

HAVA's collections

This event start from about 2 PM until 4 PM. There are a lot show, such as fashion show from Gaudi and Hava, Mix and Match Challenge, Make up tutorial from Revlon, and Hijab tutorial by Hijab Community Jogja. I was so excited and feel great because i love fashion show, and i love Gaudi’s products, and the other happiness come when i can meet another blogger from Yogyakarta. 

Talkshow with bloggers 

Make up tutorial with Revlon

 Gaudi's collections

Mix and match competition with customers

By the way, this event is celebrating Gaudi and Hava new store at Malioboro Mall Yogyakarta. Hava is already have their store, but Gaudi start to open their store at March 25th. And….the good news is Gaudi will give you special discount at their grand opening store. It’s a 750K shopping voucher for the 5 person who come first and 500K for the next 10. Waaaah!!! Feel so happy! Maybe you could just sleep at Malioboro to get it, LOL :P 

Oh, i got a t-shirt and some voucher from Gaudi and Hava, will upload it soon on the blog and Instagram! See you next post :) 

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  1. Oh great event darling thanks for share with us

  2. Gaudi was one of my favorite brands a few years back!

  3. Uuuh seru rameeeee, belanjanya lebih rameee wkwkw
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