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Sorry for a very late post, it’s so hard to write anything when i have so many things to do in a day. But finally i can write something i do really like and enjoy the most. Now, i wanna share about my travelling style when i went to Bali last month.  

Motel Mexicola

Actually i feel a bit sad because i can’t take so many OOTD’s picture when i was there. That’s because i don’t have much time, and sometimes i just go travelling alone (can you imagine that? LOL) so, i can’t take an OOTD’s picture as much as i want. But well, now i wanna share you who wanna go travelling, don’t have so much time, wanna look stylish at the same time everytime you go but won’t hurt  yourself by wearing something you’re not comfortable with 

Sea Circus

Here are some tips from me: 

1. Wear Flats
Anything flats, including sneakers, sandals, or anything without heels. It will help you walk and save more energy. trust me!

2. Use Backpack (don’t bring 2 bag when you go)
When you wanna go in everyplace at your destination, don’t ever bring more than 1 bag, because it will trouble yourself. Just bring one backpack that you can safe anything like your wallet, smartphone, powerbank, notebook or even your camera. 

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

3. Bring more than 2 clothes in your bag 
Well, if you’re already bring your backpack, you can also bring your “another” clothes. In case you visit more than 1 place in a day, you can just change your outfit so when you post at your sosmed people will think you go at a different day hahahaha. 

4. What kind of clothes? 
Remember to always bring and use clothes that are not easily wrinkled. It will help you, like really!!!!! because you don’t need any iron, right? 

Viu Lv8, Canggu

So, the point is…when you were travelling please don’t bring anything that will make you in a trouble. Don’t wear anything that uncomfortable and remember to always stay focus to anything or anyone you meet. 

Legian Beach

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  1. Tipsmu berguna banget Ni, tapi kalau berjilbab semacam aku, bawa baju serep itu lumayan menyita haha. Tapi masih bisa disiasati sih. :D